The CICS application suite for CSP networks is created to provide below departments with the finest tools in order for you to provide the very best customer experience to all your customers.

Customer care

Instantly detect subscriber issues and root causes.


Constantly get an overview of service performance.


Craft value propositions based on network data.


Plan and optimize network based on user experience demand.


Our Philosophy

With millions of bits of statistics running through a CSP network each second it is not an easy task to constantly stay on top of things. In order for you to be in control of what is happening in your network, make the right decisions based on what the data is saying and deliver the best customer experience at all times, our applications are all built on three corner stones.

Powered by AI

Every network is unique and to be able to capture and understand all potential issues, customer experience software must understand and adapt to this fact. With our machine-learning platform and new functionalities constantly being developed, we are heading towards making a fully AI-powered platform that will always support you in finding and reacting to user all issues before your customers take notice.

User-centric in real-time

For us it is key to always put the end-user, rather than the network nodes, in focus. This is done by showing KPI:s based on user experience and by capturing what users are affected during potential issues. Serving your customers best also means you have to be able to react instantly. Our platform collects and presents data in real-time so there is no delay in finding out the condition of your network.

Intuitive for you to use

Like with the saying “if you have to explain the joke, it’s not that good”, we believe using software should be self-explaining. By focusing on making our applications intuitive, you can focus on serving your customers without having to constantly learn how to use new features. We also think key for having the best network is you all share the same view which is why we put much focus on making it easy to share data within your organizations.

Our Approach

Running our software should be as smooth as possible for you throughout the whole life-cycle. Our operations are based on below focus areas in order to secure that.

Minimal Maintenance Effort

Our applications is virtualized self-configuring software that don’t require any new hardware to be installed. This means an out-of-the-box approach, where the majority of the work is managed on our side. It is therefore not necessary for you to initiate a steering group which is normally the case for bigger implementation projects.

DevOps support team

The CICS support team consists of some of the same DevOps that are also developing the applications. This means, when you talk to them it gives a very short response time with no escalations needed. The support team also monitors your application performance continuously, catching potential issues before they turn into a problem.


Providing all our applications as-a-Service secures you will always have the latest updates. And we really do believe network data, trends and insights should be shared amongst you to create best results. Therefore our applications are not charged per user, but can be used by all people you choose to have access (full or limited) within the CSP organization.


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